Brand Identity, Digital, Art Direction, Packaging

Murray’s Cheese is a household name in New York; it’s been a reference for dairy delicacies in Greenwich Village since 1962. Each visit promises memorable moments of warmth and joy, with cheese-making savoir-faire and personable interactions with their knowledgeable staff at the core of their business.

The Base Design Digital, R&D, and Engineering teams crafted a digital flagship experience to deliver a seamless and intuitive user journey that balances visual appeal with functionality. From e-commerce to customer education and engaging editorial content, the website offers a comprehensive 360° experience of Murray’s. Infused with Murray’s personality and warmth, it guides users effortlessly, bringing joy in discovering their perfect cheese. Combined together, these elements create a fresh rebrand with a flavor that remains true to Murray’s – curds and all.

Base Design
Min Lew, Mirek Nisenbaum, Harry Laverty, Jeffrey Waldman, Inva Cota, Shirlin Kao

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